paulbibeau (paulbibeau) wrote in victorian_novel,

Dracula was framed.

 Maybe that's going too far.  But I have created a blog devoted to completely rewriting, reinterpreting, and generally kicking the tires on Stoker's novel.  It's called "The Dracula Innocence Project," and it's at


Or check out my funny book on Stoker's masterpiece and all the crazy vamp children it spawned -- Sundays with Vlad (  It has plenty of Store lore and myth-busting, including a trip to see the Stoker notes in Philly.

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What a cool twist on Dracula! Thanks for sharing this.
Thank you. Happy people are digging it. Can I add you as a friend? I want to bring people in to weigh in with opinions about what to do next. Add me as well, if you'd like. I need friends. It's just me and my 43 cats and my manifesto.
To be honest, I'd rather not - I write about a lot of personal stuff, and only add people I know well.
I understand completely. Thanks for checking it out!